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Executive Perspectives:
Speakers from the CFO Summit 2014 Discuss...

How Could CFOs Enable Optimal Efficiency Along the Value Chain?


Interviews with Dr Derek Ambrose, Wayne Stokes and Sean Unwin, speakers at the marcus evans CFO Summit 2014, taking place in Queensland, Australia, 16 - 18 March 2014.

Dr Derek Ambrose, CFO, Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation


CFOs can optimise efficiency through their leadership style and behaviour, paying particular attention to the way they practice leadership accessibility and accountability. These simple actions will transform them into respected leaders delivering increased innovation, quality, responsiveness and productivity for the organisation, whilst at the same time improve employee participation, skills, knowledge and attributes, ensuring contribution to the greater good of the organisation and the individual.

CFOs need to understand they are now Chief Facilitating Officers, and their task base has a number of new dimensions. The CFO’s challenge is to supercharge the workforce to achieve competitive advantage, remove constraints, make the workplace a destination of fun and creativity, remove fear, and lead to create a different and unique workplace environment.

Wayne Stokes, CFO, Carnival Australia


Cruising is a complicated and intensive business, where customer experience is paramount. Our back-end value chain is customer-focused, whether this is the pre-cruise experience, on-board holiday experience or post-cruise interaction.

As CFO, and like every CFO, data is “king” - knowing how to extract and utilise the data for the benefit of our various business partners along each part of the passenger cruise experience. For example, how the analysis of call types received in our call centre help with sales conversion rates. Analytics of our shore tour operator spend helps yield management and associated margins achieved - and tailoring for the customer. Passenger destination preference combined with fuel consumption and speed helps focus on itinerary planning. Post-cruise passenger insights help drive repeat customers and loyalty to the brand. All of the analysis only works when you truly set your own team up with a “partnering” attitude with the business - and that has to start with me. A lot of my time is dedicated to “coaching” my team and building respect and credibility with the individual business partners. With trust comes results.   

Sean Unwin, CFO Australia, Colliers International


The key is not to just sit in the back seat but get involved in the business decision-making and be a true business partner. CFOs have access to a lot of data. They can be brilliant at pulling that data together into information, in an executive format that allows busy executives to make sense of it and to have an opinion on business decisions.

Many CFOs can get too involved in running the finance function, so the key is to have the right people in place to make that happen and instead work more on the business and do not underestimate how much you can contribute to actionable outcome orientated strategies. Transaction processing is not where CFOs should spend their time. They should be well positioned to see how business functions interact and be active in decision-making.

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About the CFO Summit 2014

This unique forum will take place at the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa, Australia, 16 - 18 March 2014. Offering much more than any conference, exhibition or trade show, this exclusive meeting will bring together esteemed industry thought leaders and solution providers to a highly focused and interactive networking event. The Summit includes presentations on streamlining operations, enabling optimal efficiency along the value chain, tackling global uncertainty and bolstering financial performance.

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