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 CMO Asia Summit 2017

Accelerating Marketing with Automated Insights

Interview with: Jeannette Arrowood of Sysomos Inc., a sponsor company at the marcus evans CMO Asia Summit 2017, discusses how automating insights can help CMOs make sense of data.

"CMOs need help to make sense of data as there is so much of it," says Jeannette Arrowood, Managing Director, APAC, Sysomos Inc. "They must find patterns and trends across their entire data set, often spanning different markets and brands. They must decode messages from consumers, identify imagery, find key opinion leaders and influencers, and turn all of it into a commercial opportunity. This is done very manually today, with a human deciding what the data means, but if it was automated, it would accelerate marketing efforts by providing CMOs with information they can act on," she adds.

What turns insights into actions?

Today, data is often examined manually and recommendations are made based on human insight. With automated insights, integrated data sets are processed by using the power of computing to surface anomalies and affinities that CMOs do not normally look for or have the resources to research.

For example, if people in India are talking about visiting Bali at a higher rate than normal, a computer can quickly recognise that increase and combine it with other information to recommend what types of posts consumers in India are more likely to take an action on. Depending on the type of business you run, that insight can present many opportunities. By automating this insight, you can publish an advertisement to these travellers while the topic is still hot.

What does this technology ultimately help organisations achieve? Is this about targeting or connecting with the target audience?

If you have more immediate insights into your customers, you can produce a more relevant experience and be there the moment they are considering a purchase. AI can lead to better decisions in R&D and can drive product redesigns influenced by insights on how people really use products and services. For example, a company that makes paper plates could use image recognition technology in combination with automated insights to quickly recognise that a batch of product has failed. If a computer can surface the insight that there is a huge increase in pictures of food on the ground in association with their plate, then they can quickly take action on that insight. AI can lead to better marketing, better products, and a better overall experience for the consumer.

Can CMOs take control of their customer experience on social media?

CMOs are sitting on a data goldmine. If you want to quickly and easily understand how your product launch or marketing campaign is being experienced by consumers, social media is a great way to do it as consumers increasingly share their experiences with products. This gives us insights we have never had before, and it can be a good place to try out new ideas on a small scale to test the response.

I would advise CMOs to think about how people are discussing their products and campaigns, but to also consider conversations that are relevant to the brand�s sphere of influence. Consumers do not always appreciate a company jumping into their conversation, but there are sometimes appropriate places for the brand to participate. For example, if I have posted questions about a medical procedure or the best insurance to cover a certain medical procedure, I would find it helpful for an insurance company to provide me more information and a number to call with questions. I would not want my health insurance company chatting me up when I am simply complaining about a headache. There is a fine nuance to deciding and shaping the consumer experience, but CMOs should work across the business and look outside of only advertising and publishing content for opportunities to bring new consumers into the funnel.

Any final thoughts?

Social media should not be treated as only an arm of marketing; it can be utilised across the entire organisation. The right people, process and technology is needed to achieve this goal.

Contact: Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian, Press Manager, marcus evans

About Sysomos Inc.

Sysomos is a unified, insights-driven social platform empowering marketers to search, discover, listen, publish, engage, and analyze across earned, owned, and paid data.

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