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 marcus evans LTC and Senior Living CXO Summits Case Study

A case study with Managing Partner, Medicaid Done Right, a solution provider at marcus evans LTC & Senior Living CXO Summits.

"marcus evans Summits has led to tremendous growth in a short period of time. From each event, we meet with nursing homes ranging from 20 facilities to 200. We have expanded our nursing home footprint thanks to marcus evans," said Medicaid Done Right, a solution provider at marcus evans LTC & Senior Living CXO Summits.

What business opportunities have the Summits brought to your organization?

marcus evans Summits brought a good amount of business and growth to our company. We met companies that we would not have met without attending a marcus evans event. They allow us to meet decision-makers one-on-one, the CEOs and CFOs that are typically well-guarded and difficult to get a meeting with. They are very busy with their day-to-day business and have very limited time to hear from companies asking for business.

marcus evans bridges that gap and we have grown into new markets because of it. We sit down with decision-makers, give a brief description of what we do, and if it sparks interest, we move forward with the relationship.

What new business have the one-on-one meetings generated?

We have moved into multiple new states. We used to be in about five states, but currently we are in ten states opening up four more.

Before marcus evans, we had a significant sales force that went door-to-door but we have now tailored that back and are spending the majority of our money in the Summits as they give us a greater dollar-for-dollar return.

Did you know these organizations from before?

I had heard of some of the nursing homes but not necessarily their parent company. Other parent companies I knew, but had been unsuccessful to get into just by knocking on their door and trying to work my way up.

How do the Summits compare with other industry events?

They are definitely more concentrated, no-nonsense business events, where everyone understands why they are there. It is a very successful platform compared to events with 1,000 other reps in a large auditorium and people just walking by.

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About Medicaid Done Right

Founded in January, 2012, Medicaid Done Right (MDR) has unparalleled experience and success in the Institutional Care Plan-Medicaid arena. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Medicaid Done Right also operates in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin with plans seeded to expand Institutional Care Plan-Medicaid Services to other states.

Medicaid Done Right's primary purpose is to assist nursing home residents and their families to obtain the care they need through the application of Institutional Care Plan-Medicaid. Medicaid Done Right provides superior quality, more streamlined services, a greater-depth of Institutional Care Plan-Medicaid knowledge, including ever-growing relationships with pertinent community partners.

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