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 New packaging standards will benefit business

Environmental and sustainability concerns are coming to the fore with new ISO packaging standards.

The new global, harmonised approach to packaging will commercially benefit international companies in helping to contain production and compliance costs.

That’s according to Anders Linde, Chairman, ISO Technical Committee for Packaging & Environment.

Linde is a speaker at the marcus evans EuroPack Summit 2011 taking place in Cannes, France, 4 - 6 July

He explains why international standards for measuring the environmental impact of packing are essential.

“We have witnessed many initiatives across the world, by retailers, policy makers and consultant companies, all trying to develop metrics for packaging. If this is done in an uncoordinated way, there is a risk of ending up with multiple approaches that benefit specific stakeholders and confusing consumers. This is why ISO standards for a global, harmonised way of dealing with the environmental and sustainability aspects of packaging are being developed.”

These standards will have a positive knock-on effect commercially, Linde adds.

“From a commercial point of view, harmonised packaging standards are important. Many companies are international or trade in more than one market. Having different product packaging standards to follow for each country would drive up production costs.

"It is also beneficial for packaging directors, who are part of the packaging chain, to demonstrate to retailers that they follow the ISO standards, produce and source materials in a sustainable way.

"Most of the ISO standards will be an improvement or modification of guidelines that already exist. Although their application will be optional, there will be great value to a Chinese company wanting to sell packaging in Europe to follow them," he said.

The marcus evans EuroPack Summit will take place on 4 - 6 July in Cannes, France.

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