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 The world is getting ready for an age of unlimited data

The growing impact of the smartphone is hard to miss and has overhauled the way the world functions today. This dominance is only set to continue and grow as 4G technology is being currently rolled out in major global cities.

Smartphones now represent a significant component of Swedish-based Ericsson’s revenue base, comprising more than 50 per cent of total sales.

Tomas Elken, Head of IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture at Ericsson will be a speaker at the marcus evans Nordic CIO Summit, Stockholm, 25-27 October.

Elken says the role of IT professionals in driving the use of smartphones in the information economy is extremely important. “We have a concept that we call ‘any device, any time, any place’. You should be able to reach information wherever you are and act upon it. We saw a growth in smartphones with Android and also iPhone with their rich user experience for all businesses for increased collaboration. We are also talking about the four Cs – communication, collaboration, communities and content. We foresee that we will invest in social technologies that those other companies.

“Networking overall with smartphones between employees, customers, and suppliers is an extremely important part of business. For example instant messaging (IM) - in the old days you could do that between PCs but now you can do it from mobile phones. Almost everyone is reading emails from their phones. Banking is also done by phone. Ten years ago you needed to be a techie to use a smartphone with a WAP technology but now everyone feels at ease – it’s so easy to download an app and do your transactions.”

Access to data is now a key consideration for mobile phone users. With data allowances being capped by many operators, Elkin agrees that this is a dangerous move that disregards the mindset of today’s consumer. “Right now almost the whole world is getting ready for unlimited data by investing in 4G technology with LG technology. Most cities in the US and the Nordics are right now building their 4G networks for 50MB or more per user. We’re getting into the world of more and more capacity for users. To limit that is not the right way. That has been the success with the Android and the Apple – they have a fixed fee allowing as much data as they want. It should be unlimited as the technology is there already. With 4G there will be a lot more capacity and after 4G there will be new technologies. It’s just evolution.”

Driving business productivity is among the pressing issues that today’s challenging economy present for CIOs, according to Elken.

“What is really important is to improve performance availability overall in the current system landscape, for internal apps and processes. Cost efficiency and speed – the market is developing so fast and we need to be adaptable within IT. Also, giving room for innovation with a user centric approach is important. There has been a lot of talk about applications like SAP and PLM but now it’s a more user centric focus,” he adds.

The marcus evans Nordic CIO Summit will take place in Stockholm, 25-27 October.

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